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Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint-Current Performance:

  • Oran Metal’s total location-based GHG emissions are 13,698 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Its total market-based GHG emissions are 13,339 tonnes of CO2e.

  • The most significant emission sources are outsourced road logistics and owned trucks, accounting for a combined 45% of the total location-based emissions.

  • Oran Metal switched to renewable electricity supplies in 2021. The impact of this will show in the 2021 assessment.


  • When leasing/purchasing new vehicles, consider transitioning to electric vehicles(EV) and installing charging points on-site to encourage staff to switch too.

  • Conduct on-site energy audits to identify where efficiencies can be made and demand for energy reduced (e.g. insulation/space heating).

  • Investigate switching to alternative fuels, such as Hydro treated Vegetated Oil (HVO) biofuel for use in existing vehicles or transitioning to electric vehicles (EV).

Carbon Footprint

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