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Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

In 2018, Oran Metal Group set about developing its own Sustainability Management Programme. This includes Social and Economic sustainability objectives where we have identified key goals and commitments.


This programme has resulted in the complete renovation of old fuel guzzling machinery to the latest generation of material handlers with increased cost efficiency and serious decreases in carbon emissions. We have also made important investments replacing shredder engines that were heavy on fuel consumption and emissions with electric DC motors.


In 2021, as part of our sustainability management programme, we outsourced an Irish company to carry out a Carbon Footprint Appraisal of our business that has resulted in our carbon reduction action plan that will include a gradual changeover of company vehicles to EVs, on-site energy audits and use of alternative fuels in existing trucks.

Sustainability Management

In 2022, we introduced our first Electric Vehicles to the company, installing EV chargers and eliminating fuel cards. We also continue to monitor our energy consumption and have switched supplier to a renewables energy supplier.


For 2023, in conjunction with our Steel Mill partners, we will look into the supply of “Green” Scrap as raw material to mills that are targeting “Green Steel” production without the use of fossil fuel, to produce the lowest carbon footprint possible for steel manufacture.

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