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Scrap Car Collections

Oran Metal Group offer a scrap car collections service for end of life vehicles at customer locations all over Ireland. Get in touch with us today.

Scrap Car Collections

End of Life Vehicles can be collected at customer locations nationwide. For large quantities of scrap cars, we use our mobile baler that compresses cars into a bale form for transport. This way we can transport 24 cars in one of our articulated bulker grab options. For smaller volumes of cars, we can collect using a rigid grab truck.

Scrap Car Collections
scrap Car Collections

Need a scrap yard near you? We offer the highest standard scrap metal collections and scrap metal recycling services

Advantages of our Scrap Car Collections




Oran Metal Group understands the challenges and complexities of disposing of scrap cars. Our Scrap Car Collection Service offers unparalleled convenience, making the process seamless and hassle-free. Our professional team handles everything, from arranging the collection to managing the paperwork.

At Oran Metal Group, we believe in fair compensation for your scrap car. We offer competitive prices that reflect the value of your vehicle's recyclable materials. Our team of experts utilises advanced market analysis techniques to stay up-to-date with the latest prices, ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your scrap car. We provide transparent pricing and prompt payment, ensuring a fair return on your investment. Choose Oran Metal Group for your Scrap Car Collection Service and receive excellent prices for your scrap car.

Oran Metal Group is committed to environmentally responsible practices. By opting for our Scrap Car Collection Service, you contribute to sustainable recycling efforts. We prioritise eco-friendly practices to minimise the environmental impact of car disposal. Our state-of-the-art recycling facilities ensure that every scrap car is processed in an environmentally conscious manner. We employ advanced techniques to recycle and reuse as many components and materials as possible, reducing the need for raw material extraction and promoting the conservation of valuable resources. By choosing Oran Metal Group, you positively impact the environment.

To discuss the best professional scrap car collection services, please get in touch with our scrap yard today.

  • How do I request a scrap metal quote?
    Please fill in one of our price forms and our experts will be back with a price. You can also call us on any of the numbers given or call 1800 110220.
  • Where do you offer scrap metal collections?
    We offer a nationwide service to our customers.
  • How many cars do I need for a collection?
    For cars collections, we need a minimum of 3 cars.
  • Do you sell spare parts for cars?
    No, we do not sell spare parts for cars but if you go to the website you will find a car dismantler near you.
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