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Oran Metal Group

Established in the early 1970s in Oranmore County Galway, Oran Metal Group has processed and shipped millions of tonnes of secondary metals/scrap metals to international markets worldwide.

With three metal processing sites, we offer a nationwide solution to your metal recycling needs:

Galway: Galway Metal Company Ltd

Limerick: Limerick Metal Recycling Company Ltd

Laois: A1 Metals Recycling Ltd

We process and prepare our “end of waste” metals to maximise their value while helping to prevent global natural resource depletion.

Need a scrap yard near you? We offer an efficient scrap metal collection service and scrap metal recycling solutions.

Compliant Scrap Metal Collections

Oran Metal Group prides itself on exceptional customer service while at all times complying with the latest Environmental Regulations and norms. Our National Waste Collection Permit allows us to collect scrap metals nationwide and our Processing sites are fully permitted by local County Councils. Galway Metal Company has taken a step further and has an EPA licence to process secondary metals.

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Commercial Scrap Metal Collections

Commercial Scrap Metal Collections

Scrap Metal, secondary metals, recycled steel, metal resource or however you prefer to call it, don’t let its appearance deceive you! It plays a key role in helping to shape the global economy and sustainability while giving your company a financial gain that helps to cover waste management costs.

Commercial Scrap Metal Collections

Specialised Scrap Metal Collections

Scrap Metal Collections

Scrap Metal Collections

Scrap metal collections can be organised from your door anywhere in Ireland. Our fleet of modern collection trucks can load all kinds of secondary metals, including the largest of machinery to more complex oil filled equipment. Our bunded trailers with hi-ab cranes can offer our customers better options and reduced costs resulting in more efficient job turnarounds and projects delivered on budget.

Scrap Car Collections

Scrap Car Collections

Our Circular Economy holds the basic principles of the system that sends its processed metals for reuse:

  • Metals from our End of Life Vehicles recycling process go to produce new cars.

  • Engines and gearboxes from End of Life Vehicles go to the manufacture of new engines and gearboxes.

Scrap Car Collections
Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

Our Scrap metal processing sites are geared toward steel compression baling, shearing, cutting, shredding, and granulating metals to achieve clean, dense, segregated metal fractions that are smelter ready. All our yards are equipped with modern depollution plants to extract dangerous liquids from End of Life vehicles before they are sent to the shredder. This prevents dangerous spills of oil, petrol and other chemicals from contaminating the metals and residual materials.

Scrap Metal Recycling

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For professional and environmentally responsible scrap metal recycling services call Oran Metal Group today.

Oran Metal Group Scrap Yards

Galway Metal Company Ltd.

Galway Metal Company

Limerick Metal Company Ltd.l

Limerick Metal Company Ltd.

A1 Metals Recycling Ltd.

A1 Metals Recycling Ltd.

Galway Metal Company Ltd is an excellent scrap yard providing a comprehensive scrap car collection service. Galway Metal Company Ltd. is a team of car scrap specialists committed to environmentally responsible car scrappage services. They offer competitive rates for collecting your scrap car but also provide the most favourable prices for scrap copper and aluminium.

Scrap Metal Recycling is located in Limerick and serves clients in the surrounding areas. They strive to offer the most competitive scrap metal prices to their customers.

Their scrap metal yard is equipped to recycle and process scrap metal using environmentally sustainable practices. Additionally, they offer a convenient collection service, making it easy to dispose of your scrap metal.

A1 Metal Recycling, situated in Co. Laois, specialises in metal recycling services. They purchase scrap metal from clients nationwide. With over 50 years of expertise in the industry, they can help clients make informed decisions on the most efficient methods of disposing and retrieving the best price for their metals. Their premises in Acragar, Mountmellick, Co. Laois, facilitates metal gathering, processing, and trading.

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Being at the forefront of the scrap metal industry, Limerick Scrap Metal Company possesses extensive expertise in acquiring, trading and processing various scrap metal varieties, particularly copper. Consequently, we frequently encounter inquiries about scrap copper and its recycling procedures. Through this blog, we intend to address some of the most crucial queries you may have regarding scrap copper and its recycling process.

As a highly experienced car scrappage service in Ireland, Galway Metal Company Ltd. frequently receives inquiries regarding de-pollution. This is not surprising, considering the increasing awareness among individuals about the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and avoiding unintentional pollution caused by waste.

As one of Ireland's leading environmentally-conscious scrap yards, we often encounter numerous queries regarding scrap steel. Despite steel and the wide range of recycled steel products being ubiquitous in our surroundings, certain aspects of this process still raise questions. Before addressing the frequently asked questions, let's begin by addressing the most common inquiry.
Yes, we offer generous compensation for your scrap steel. If you have any scrap steel or other types of metal lying idle on your property, there's no need to let it go to waste. Instead, reach out to us. We will purchase it directly from you, and if you're located in a suitable area, we can even arrange for a convenient scrap steel collection.

  • How do I request a scrap metal quote?
    Please fill in one of our price forms and our experts will be back with a price. You can also call us on any of the numbers given or call 1800 110220.
  • Where do you offer scrap metal collections?
    We offer a nationwide service to our customers.
  • How many cars do I need for a collection?
    For cars collections, we need a minimum of 3 cars.
  • Do you sell spare parts for cars?
    No, we do not sell spare parts for cars but if you go to the website you will find a car dismantler near you.
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