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Car Battery Recycling

For the best in professional Car Battery Recycling in Ireland, get in contact with Oran Metal Group today.

Car Battery Recycling

Oran Metal Group offers our clients the highest standard of car battery recycling services.


Lead-acid batteries are generally recycled by crushing the entire battery into tiny pieces. This crushing process allows the different components of the battery to be separated and recycled. In some cases, the battery is shredded instead.


How to Recycle Lead-Acid Batteries


Lead acid batteries are 99% recyclable. They are recycled into new batteries, or they’re used to create other lead-based products such as pipes. At our recycling centre, we offer complete car battery recycling.


Battery recycling plant, Recycling process of spent lead acid batteries is a complex technological process. The process involves many aspects, which is why it must be completed at our state-of-the-art facility. 

For the best in professional car battery recycling, contact the team at Oran Metal Group today.

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