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For the best in scrap yard services in Kerry, get in contact with Oran Metal Group today.

Kerry Scrap Yard

For customers in Kerry, Oran Metal Group offers an extensive suite of scrap metal services. We continue to provide Kerry clients with the best prices for scrap metal. By combining the decades of experience of our team with the very latest scrap metal collection techniques and processing equipment, we offer competitive prices and complete recycling services. Scrap metal processing plants are designed to use the least amount of fossil fuels, thereby minimising the impact on the environment. By recycling scrap metal, we can limit the amount of metal mining that has to take place, which has a net positive impact on the environment. For responsible scrap metal recycling and scrap metal purchased at the best price in Kerry, please get in touch with our offices today.

For more information on our Kerry scrap yard services, please get in contact with Oran Metal Group today

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