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Scrap Car Prices

For a scrap car price, please fill in our quote form. *


*We only collect a minimum of 4 vehicles.

Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling in Ireland

Oran Metal Group can arrange for recycling large vehicles or bulk collection of scrap cars (minimum 4).


Every year, End of life vehicles generate between 8 and 9 million tonnes of valuable waste in the Community. The European Commission adopted a Proposal for a Directive which aims at making vehicle dismantling, reuse, recovery and recycling more environmentally friendly.


Directive 2000/53/EC sets clear quantified targets for reuse, recycling and recovery of vehicles and their components. It also pushes producers to manufacture cars with a clear view to their recyclability.

Need a scrap yard near you? We offer clients the highest standard scrap metal collection and scrap metal recycling services.

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