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Car Recycling

We have the most advanced End of Life Recycling Plant in Ireland. And we are Ireland’s most environmentally responsible scrap collection company.

Car Recycling

Oran Metal Group provides clients all over Ireland with the best car recycling services.


Car recycling is taking a vehicle that is no longer operational and breaking it down so that its parts can be reused or recycled. The recycling process begins with the collection of cars that are either no longer operational or that are being sold as scrap. Once a vehicle is collected, the recycling process can begin.


The first step in car recycling is removing all the fluids from the vehicle, including the engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. These fluids can be recycled and used again. The next step is to remove the battery. The battery can be recycled and used to power other vehicles.


After the fluids and battery have been removed, the car recycling process can begin. The car will be dismantled, and the parts will be separated. The metal parts of the vehicle will be recycled, and the plastic and rubber parts will be recycled. The parts that cannot be recycled will be sent to a landfill.


The car recycling process is essential because it helps reduce the pollution created when a vehicle is disposed of. It also helps to conserve resources. Car recycling is an excellent way to help the environment and to help save money.

For the best in professional Car Recycling services, get in contact with Oran Metal Group today.

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