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For the best in scrap yard services in Laois, get in contact with Oran Metal Group today.

Laois Scrap Yard

Oran Metal Group is one of Laois's most established scrap metal recycling companies. We have been providing Laois scrap yard services to enterprise customers for decades. Our suite of services includes scrap metal collection and scrap car collection. We have the resources, the expertise and the professionalism to safely collect a large number of cars or scrap steel and transport it to our various scrap metal processing plants. 

Over the years, we have invested heavily in ensuring we can process metal while having the most negligible environmental impact. Our extensive range of Laois scrap yard services means enterprise clients get the best scrap metal pricing and a stress-free and customer-focused collection and processing service. 

For more information on our Laois scrap yard services, please get in contact with Oran Metal Group today.

  • How do I request a scrap metal quote?
    Please fill in one of our price forms and our experts will be back with a price. You can also call us on any of the numbers given or call 1800 110220.
  • Where do you offer scrap metal collections?
    We offer a nationwide service to our customers.
  • How many cars do I need for a collection?
    For cars collections, we need a minimum of 3 cars.
  • Do you sell spare parts for cars?
    No, we do not sell spare parts for cars but if you go to the website you will find a car dismantler near you.
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